Free software takes one of the main roles in file management. There are many file management managers, but Asus Share Link is versatile, not only because of the large number of supported devices, but also because of the features that the application is rich in. You can install the software for Free for Windows, Android. To download Asus Share Link for free for the official version, you can follow the link on our page.

Main features of Asus Share Link

Most often, users are of great interest to the built-in features of the program for convenient use Asus Share Link offers the following functions:

  • The most important feature is a secure, confidential connection and storage of data, because it is important for people to encrypt personal data. Backups have been created for easy data copying. 
  • Based on all of the above, the software deserves attention from users. If the user wants to restrict access to the application, then you just need to enable the "password protection" function.

Safe installation of the program

To successfully install the program on a computer, laptop, phone or tablet, follow a simple instruction:

Follow the installation link. Read the contents. Read about features and capabilities. Learn about supported devices. Find the built-in "Download", "Install" panel. Click on the button to install.


After starting the program, a general view of Asus Share Link will appear on the screen. 

In the left block the structure of the file manager is displayed, in the right - the contents of the folder, which is selected on the left. There will be a toolbar at the top. Navigation icons open and move through folders. After getting acquainted with the general view of the program, it is worth trying to synchronize the two devices. Connecting both devices to the same Wi-Fi network is also important. Next, on one device, click "Send" and drag the necessary documents into the window. After that, you will have to click on the "Send" button for the last time. On another device, click on the built-in "Get File" panel. After one device detects a partner, you need to click on the icon to start the transfer. 


So, after a full acquaintance with the application, we can conclude that the installation, as well as the use of the program is easy and comfortable for all users of manager applications.